As a UX designer at Relias I was immediately thrown in the deep end as the primary designer on Nurse.com. Comprehensive rebrand, net-new job board, updated profile, modern ecomm experience, all topped off with a major tech migration from legacy. We were not embarking on a small renovation, we were demolishing the cottage and building a castle in its place.

My Role
As the primary UX/UI designer I collaborated with PM to establish MVP requirements and analyze existing competitors. I interpreted the guidelines of the newly released brand colors and elements into UI as part of both this effort and my work on Ivy, and went from wireframes to production in roughly 3 months.

P's & Q's
Special thanks to my project team, it truly takes a village.
Lysle Baker - PM
Raymond Sidhartha - PM
Bri Collins - PM
Cesar Vichidio - Engineering
Jasmine Baik - Engineering
Bethany Coats - UX Leadership
I am unable to publicly release work from Relias. If you're interested in learning more please reach out!