Ivy is the global design system for all Relias products. It covers both the Relias Platform and the assorted B2C properties in the portfolio.

My Role
I collaborated with my team to design components for use across the Relias portfolio. I made sure our components were applicable on our B2C sites, extending and interpreting the patterns as needed. Currently I act as part of the Gardening Club (our design system working group) to maintain the system and support our designers as we open the ability to design and add components to the entire team. 

P's & Q's
Thank you to all past and present members of the Gardening Club and the Tiny Team for their hard work on this ongoing project.
Tiny Team
Chris LaGant - PM
Derek Lingle - Engineering
Lindsey Adams - Engineering
Doug Coble
Nikki Hehl - PM
Sam Harris - Engineering
Sharada Tanikella - Engineering
Steffen Olson - Engineering
Vritti Gautam - Engineering

Gardening Club
Daniel Florez - UX
Emma Wishart - UX
Ivan Potter-Smith - UX
I am unable to publicly release work from Relias. If you're interested in learning more please reach out!